Leverage Purpose-Based Corporate Cards

easy billing
Flexi-billing cycle
It becomes easier to manage card payments and arrange cash flow with flexibility in the billing cycle
easy onboarding
Simplified onboarding
The process to onboard for cards is a one-time activity that requires simple KYC documents
virtual cards
Complete control
You have the option to create, manage, set limits, track, block and more with our DIY dashboard
zero interest
Unlimited usage cards
Enables the creation of cards for specific purpose with specific limits including T&E, fuel, utility, etc
Start using cards within a short time of applying for the option with minimal support required from IT or other teams
Track and record expenses in real-time thus making the reconciliation process simpler and quicker for all concerned
Enable your different locations to manage payment locally with complete control or track of spend
Save more by ensuring all spends are required, you get the benefit of on-time payment rebates, and better payment terms
The Smartest Way to Manage, Track and Optimize Corporate Spends